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Posted by: Adam October 16th, 2011

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Neither one of us ever considered scuba diving lessons as an activity we might enjoy. Maybe it’s because we live in Canada, Hollywood films like Sanctum, or because of all of the seemingly cumbersome equipment, but for whatever reason scuba diving always seemed intimidating. All of that changed once we made a date out of Discover Scuba Diving Lessons.

The Discover Scuba Diving experience is not an actual certification. It is two hour introduction course that gives you a taste of what it takes to explore the underwater world. You learn the basics you will need to dive under direct supervision of a professional and armed with that knowledge you can decide whether or not further scuba diving lessons are for you.

Our course consisted of 30 minutes of in-class instruction, 15 minutes of poolside instruction, tons of scuba safety rules, some brief drills in the pool and over an hour of pool time for us to truly discover scuba diving.

The best part? It was only $25 CDN each and we found multiple accredited dive schools in our suburban city. We never thought something like scuba diving would be so accessible. Try a quick Google search for ‘Scuba Diving Lessons’ and you might be amazed at how many PADI and SSI scuba schools are in your area too.

Before we had even left the house both of us were already nervous. While Ashley and I are both competent swimmers, and have snorkeled before, there is something about being underwater for so long that was unnerving. Regardless, we agreed to try something new for our date and so off we went.

The in class portion was a little dry, albeit necessary, but once we were able to put on our scuba equipment we started to get excited. The basic drills covered clearing your mask underwater and calmly retrieving your respirator should it be knocked out of your mouth. After we completed the drills our instructor gave us free reign to swim in the pool at different depths to get a feel for breathing underwater in a controlled environment. It is an incredibly unique experience and we both marveled at how calm and relaxed we felt under the water. Even though we were only in a swimming pool, being able to breath underwater and swim around for an extended period of time was just pain cool.

Aside from the obvious, this date stood for another big reason – the people involved. Our instructor was friendly, knowledgeable and safety conscious while the other divers at the pool (which included beginners and seasoned divers) were all incredibly keen to share their passion with us.

Not only did we immensely enjoy our discover scuba diving lesson, it also challenged us to do something neither one of us were sure we were capable of.

Have you ever tried scuba diving lessons? Are you considering it? Do you think it makes for a good date? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

Pro Tips:

  • While scuba diving is incredibly fun, it is not without its dangers. Before diving in you should have to fill out a health questionnaire. Scuba diving should be taken seriously and you should not participate if you are at risk for any of the health concerns listed.
  • Always breathe. It seems unnatural, but it’s an absolute must.
  • Ask about neutral buoyancy, even in the pool it feels amazing.


Bang for your buck:

From Ashley:

Scuba diving has always seemed exotic to me, so I was shocked to find our how many diving schools are right here in our own city.

This was such a cool date - we were both out completely out of our comfort zone, but still had a blast.

We enjoyed our scuba date so much that on our vacation to Bali we took it to the next level and went on a open water scuba diving day trip. It was incredible. I'm honestly not sure if we would have had the confidence to try this without having gone on this date first.

On your next date, take a risk, you never know what you will learn or where it will take you!

From Adam:

What can I say about our Discover Scuba lesson? It was easily one of the more interesting Tuesday nights I think I've ever had. Considering how nervous I was going in I am so glad that I didn't let my nerves get the better of me. I fell in love with this sport almost immediately and even better, it makes for a good story.

Rating this one was tough because obviously Ashley and I really enjoyed ourselves, but I can see how this kind of activity wouldn't be for everyone. There are health risks involved and being comfortable in the water is a must (obviously).

All that being said, if you've ever considered giving this a shot, the discover lessons are a great start and as far dates go, this is really cool for chicks and dudes alike.

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