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Posted by: Ashley March 18th, 2012

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This week’s date idea is all about luck. Usually we plan our date ideas (somewhat) together, or in the very least I tell Adam what I’m planning on doing. For this date I told him nothing except that as usual we’d be having a date night on Friday. He asked a few times, but I did my best to be very vague about my plans.

At lunch on Friday I sent Adam an e-mail listing the top 5 reasons why I am lucky to have him. While it may have been out of the ordinary for us, I wanted to set the tone for the evening.

By the time we got home from work Adam was very curious to see what we would be up to. I showed him a quarter and told him we were going to leave our date to chance. Heads we would go out; tails we would stay in. I let him flip the coin and it landed on heads. Next I told him to pick one restaurant and I would pick another. We’d then let the lucky coin decide where we would go. I chose sushi and he chose our local pub. I flipped the coin and he called it in the air – our local pub it was!

For the rest of the evening, any decision we had to make was decided by the coin. What should we do for dessert – go for ice cream or order dessert at the restaurant? After dinner we flipped the coin to decide if we would go see a movie or go bowling. When it landed on the movies I chose Friends with Kids and he chose Safe House. We even went as far as letting the coin choose if we would order popcorn or candy.

After the movie we stopped at our local convenience store and tried our luck out once more. Should we buy a lottery ticket or a scratch card? We ended up with a Cash for Life scratch card and unfortunately our luck didn’t run that far – we didn’t win anything :(

While the date wasn’t anything different – we ended up going for dinner and a movie (which is pretty much the standard date) – the way the night unfolded was so much fun. Not knowing what was coming up next, betting against each other, and doing exactly as our coin commanded, all added to the excitement. Plus, as someone who struggles making decisions, this took all of the pressure off!

I really like this date idea because you can replicate it any way you want to. If you end up staying in, here are a few things you can bet on:

  • Make dinner or order in?
  • What type of food to make or order?
  • What to have for dessert?
  • After dinner should you go for a stroll or take turns giving each other massages?
  • Watch a movie or play a board game?

The possibilities are endless. You can make it even more fun by raising the stakes and each choosing an activity that you would prefer to do. Is there a movie that you’re always bugging your partner to watch? Maybe an activity you’ve always wanted to try, but your partner hasn’t seemed as eager? Bet on it – maybe you will get lucky!

Another great aspect about this date idea is that you can try it again and again with different outcomes! On the next coin toss date night you could end up mini-putting, or playing twister. Not knowing what to expect is most of the fun.

Next time you are looking to add a little excitement to your date night or can’t agree on a date idea, why not try flipping a coin – you never know how it will land.


Bang for your buck:

From Adam:

This date idea definitely caught me off guard but it was simple and a lot of fun. We usually look for new things to do on our date nights but the coin toss worked so well because it was all the same activities with a twist.

The best part was not having to make any decisions on a Friday evening - exactly what I want after a week at work.

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